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1. ORDER FORMS: Please don't hesitate to email or call us with any questions concerning the information required on the forms. Please send them to your Project Manager via email (scan or completed online pdf), fax them to 503.345.0864 or mail them in with your other materials.

2. AUDIO OR DVD MASTERS: We prefer physical copies but can accept DDP files for audio/DVD masters on replications jobs only (500+ units and in some cases 300 units). Any duplication run of 50-300 units requires a physical CD/DVD master disc. Please send one master copy and a back-up copy to us at the mailing address listed below. We recommend that you track your shipment by sending it via UPS, FedEx or US Postal Service Delivery Confirmation.

3. ARTWORK: You can send your art files to us through the following methods.

a) Upload the files by clicking the UPLOAD button below.
b) Upload the files to your favorite web storage space and email the link to your Project Manager.
c) Email the files to your Project Manager through a file sharing program such as or
d) Burn the files onto CD-R or DVD-R and mail it to us with your masters.


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